Biology Seminars 2023


Department of Biological Sciences Inga Richter Fall 2023 Seminar Series

In memory of a former doctoral student lnga R. Richter. Inga was dedicated to her students and profession. She felt that her teaching responsibilities did not stop in the classroom; they stopped when her students understood. Seminars are held on Mondays in Room 926 North (69th Street between Park and Lexington) at 12:30PM or via Zoom.
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Monday Sept 11
Understanding splicing and isoform regulation across cell types, brain regions, postnatal development and species
Dr. Hagen Tilgner
Center for Neurogenetics Brain and Mind Research Institute, WCMC
Host: Carmen Melendez-Vasquez


Monday Sept. 18
The effects of locus coeruleus stimulation in health and disease: from enhancing sensory processing to reducing amyloid plaques
Dr. Qi Wang
Biomedical Engineering-Columbia Univ.
Host: Maria Pereira


Monday Oct. 2
A transposase-derived gene required for human brain development
Dr. Luz Jubierre
Host: Hualin Zhong

Tuesday Oct. 10*
Immunization with a Trypanosoma cruzi cyclophilin-19 deletion mutant protects against acute Chagas disease in mice
Dr. Bijay Jha
Department of Health Professions, York College
Host: Jayne Raper

Monday Oct. 16
Dr. Jay Bangs
University of Buffalo
Host: Jayne Raper

Monday Oct. 23
Dr. Francesca Florini
Weill Cornell
Host: Jayne Raper

Monday Oct. 30 (Zoom)
Clinical Alzheimer’s Disease: Diagnosis, Management and Cases
Dr. Anna Starikovsky Nordvig
Weill Cornell
Host: Maria Pereira

Monday Nov. 6
Visualizing meiotic DNA double-strand break machinery, one molecule at a time
Dr. Kaixian Liu
Host: Hualin Zhong


Monday Nov. 13
Dissecting the Interplay of Genetic, Epigenetic, and Microenvironmental Factors in Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis
Dr. Kaloyan Tsanov
Host: Hualin Zhong

Monday Nov. 20
Cup is essential for oskar mRNA translational repression during early Drosophila oogenesis
Dr. Livia Bayer
Host: Diana Bratu

Monday Nov. 27
Supercompetition, a mechanism of B cell transformation
Dr. Coraline Mlynarczyk
Weill Cornell
Host: Hualin Zhong

Monday Dec. 4
Dr. Kamini Singh
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Host: Ande Wolfe

Monday Dec. 11
Launching the next generation: Nuclear and cytoplasmic reprogramming during germ cell to maternal transition
Dr. Prashanth Rangan
Black Family Stem Cell Institute
Host: Diana Bratu

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