Biology Seminars 2022

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Department of Biological Sciences Inga Richter Fall2022 Seminar Series

In memory of a former doctoral student lnga R. Richter. Inga was dedicated to her students and profession. She felt that her teaching responsibilities did not stop in the classroom; they stopped when her students understood. All seminars except the ones marked with * are held on Zoom at 12:30PM. The in-person seminars are held in Room 926 North (69th Street between Park and Lexington)


Mon. 29-Aug
Cytotoxic ion channel formation by human apolipoprotein L-I (APOL1)
Dr. Russell Thomson
Hunter Biology
Host: Jayne Raper

Mon. 12-Sep
Discovering molecular mechanisms of proteins with new computational approaches to the study of their dynamics and allosteric pathways underlying their function
Dr. Ekaterina Kots
Weill Cornell Medicine
Host: Hualin Zhong


Mon. 19-Sep-Canceled
Defined Bacterial Consortia, a Novel Approach to Tackle Clostridioides difficile Infection
Dr. Silvia Caballero
Vedanta Biosciences
Host: Shirley Raps


*Thurs. September 29
Dr. Elias Broman
Stockholm University


Mon. 3-Oct
Dr. Rabindra Mandal
Indiana University
Host: Mitch Goldfarb


Mon. 17-Oct
Host: Mitch Goldfarb


Mon. 24-Oct
How Gram positive bacteria monitor their cell walls for defects and catalyze their repair
Dr. David Rudner
Harvard Medical School
Host: Shirley Raps


Mon. 31-Oct
Gene Therapy Approach Using Synthetic Anc80L65 Viral Vector Harboring Acid Ceramidase Gene for Treatment of Senescence Driven Diseases
Dr. Efrat Eliyahu
Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine
Host: Mitch Goldfarb


Mon. 7-Nov
Dr. Marie Samanovic
NYU Vaccine Center
Host: Jayne Raper


Mon. 14-Nov
Integrative analysis of the m6A readers; uncovering how m6A regulates mRNA fate
Dr. Sara Zaccara
Weill Medical College/Columbia Univ
Host: Hualin Zhong


Mon. 21-Nov
Developing a soluble adenylate cyclase inhibitor into an on demand male contraceptive
Dr. Melanie Balbach
Weill Cornell Medicine
Host: Hualin Zhong


Mon. 28-Nov
Mycobiota interactions: sensing intestinal fungi regulates both local and systemic immunity
Dr. Xin V. Li
Weill Cornell Medicine
Host: Hualin Zhong


Mon. 5-Dec
Axo-glial interactions between midbrain dopamine axons and oligodendrocyte lineage cells and their implications for experience-dependent myelination
Dr. Leora Yetnikoff
Host: Katya Likhtik


Mon. 12-Dec
My Cold Storage Journey and Lab Sustainability
Allison Hunter
Imperial College London
Host: Carmen Melendez-Vasquez

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